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Aliens: The New Religion?

So, whether it is contactees and Modern UFO Cult societies and SETI scientists promoting the salivation-from-the-skies tricks to help justify their operate, it’s, IMHO, pure pie-in-the-sky wishful considering.

What of the public? There is widespread interest in, and believe in that existence of, advanced extraterrestrial existence. Does that mean which millions are leaving their religion; not attending religious, instead setting up telescopes at home or go UFO searching? The truth may be out there, but I seriously hesitation its any threat to help either organised religion and also people’s supernaturally-themed religious convictions.

Acceptable, so balderdash (well sort of) aside, yes, there is some truth on the perception that belief in aliens may be taken as a form of religion, well quasi-religion, but I see virtually no real evidence that this is in any way detracting from societies’ established supernatural-based religions. I imagine many individuals believe in both aliens and God. The two aren’t mutually highly sought after. Some people believe with God, not aliens. Others, like me, suggest aliens are infinitely more a probable viability than a supernatural creator God.

Lastly, any organisation trying to claim aliens as being the centrepiece of their ‘church’ will find getting those standard religious tax concessions rather tricky to find!

At minimum believers in aliens don’t have a history of imprisoning, torturing, murdering and executing, exiling, ridiculing, etc. those who have passions and beliefs more focused in the down-to-earth direction. Alien hunters don’t demand you might have some of your personal parts snipped off or that you need to observe various foods, clothing, time of day/day with week, sexual or many other personal relationship ritual do’s and don’ts. SETI scientists don’t have a ‘thou shall or shall not’ demands; ufologists need no animal sacrifices or even attendance at Sunday every week UFO conventions. There is not a such a thing as an infallible alien bible. Virtually no hymns are sung in praise of ET. You don’t have to, every hour on your hour, face towards this constellation of Orion, bow down, and give as a result of the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire to your very existence. And nobody wears the Southern Cross on the chain around their neck.

SETI scientists don’t participate in a Holy War next to UFO buffs or vice versa; historic astronauts enthusiasts don’t support an Inquisition against SETI people or vice versa; UFO buffs don’t have Crusades against those who like the idea that will ancient aliens assisted a fledging people thousands of years ago or vice versa. Alien hunters might not always be one thrilled family, but compared to help organised religion(s).

Also, alien hunters don’t go doorknocking wanting to convert the unbelievers!

Unfortunately, alien hunters won’t are able to heaven (not that there is such a place) by discovering ET, but at least they won’t go to help hell (no these place either) if they don’t! There is no 11th Commandment of ‘Thou shall seek available my other creations among the list of firmament’; nor a twelfth, ‘Thou shall not worship my other creations among the list of firmament’!

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